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Safe-Cam Project

Safe-Cam on light post - close up

“The Safe-Cam project is an amazing tool in assisting the Police Department on a daily basis.  Officers rely on the system for everything from minor complaints to major cases. Other communities have looked at the Safe-Cam project as a blueprint for public/private partnerships and are amazed at the support provided by our community and the La Crosse City Vision Foundation.  Without City Vision Foundation and the amazing, dedicated board, the Safe-Cam project would not exist.  It truly has been a catalyst in expanding the concept to other parts of our City.”

- Robert Abraham, Asst. Chief of La Crosse Police Department,

Cameras Installed

The Safe-Cam Project was started in 2013 following a crime that occurred in Downtown La Crosse in 2012. Police had to rely on private cameras to solve the crime and make an arrest. Collecting data from private cameras was time-consuming, and added weeks to the investigation.

The City Vision Foundation solicited public donations to fund a camera system for the La Crosse Police Department. Our goals were to:

  • provide investigative efficiencies for the Police Department
  • provide a deterrent for would-be criminals
  • ultimately make Downtown La Crosse a safer place.

The City Vision Foundation raised over $450,000 to install the Safe-Cam system.

There are now 79 cameras that serve the downtown area. The system has the ability to add private cameras, allowing additional coverage at minimal cost. There are now 11 cameras from five private businesses that are part of the system, bringing the total number of cameras to 90.

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