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A Simpler Time

A Simpler Time | Photo of bronze sculpture of two children and a dog
A Simpler Time - silhouette of sculpture looking over river

Year Dedicated

Set along the levee on the bank of the mighty Mississippi River, “A Simpler Time” is a warm sculpture that captures the freshness, innocence, and excitement of children as they greet boats and visitors from the river. 

The sculpture is surrounded by a plaza with an inlay of bricks inscribed with the names of contributors.

Facts about “A Simpler Time” sculpture:

  • The sculpture was inspired from a photograph by Theresa Smerud
  • Local artist, Mike Martino, was commissioned to create the sculpture
  • The dog’s name is Fido (He was added in 2009)
  • The sculptures are life-size and made of bronze

This project was guided by the La Crosse City Vision Foundation, and made possible through the generous contributions of community members, families, businesses, civic groups and community organizations.

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